Thursday, May 5, 2011

Passionate Love

Taken from the book “INTERCOURSE”

If you were only there, when we took the midnight walks on the white sandy beach. With the cool breeze blowing on our face, and the water making waves behind us, if felt like we were involved in a romantic motion picture from the big screen. Holding hands and giggling like we were still in our youth. We played games like throwing water at each other, kissing, hugging and having a good time. If he had any faults, I couldn’t tell. God had blinded me with love and passion. A real life love story has been played out right before my very eyes, and we are starring in it. It feels good to be the stars in this romantic classic, rather than watching the movie with someone else as the stars. I wish the night could have been longer, but it was time to return to the hotel. We took one last walk on the beach then we left.
We went back to the hotel room and it happened. Our emotions took over—we made passionate love, ………….(COMING SOON)…………….. Nine months later, here comes a baby boy, and that’s when news began to spread. YOU HAVE TO READ IT TO BELIEVE IT.

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